John Picklesimer

John Picklesimer

Welcome home. I’m not sure quite what to make of this page at the moment, but undoubtedly it’ll be what it’ll be.

The above image is of one of my very favorite places. Sandy Spit of the British Virgin islands is instantly recognizable and a places you just want to linger over for ages. I’ve been fortunate enough to visit it a number of times while on sailing/dive trips with family. For those of you that have been there and done that, you of course know just what I mean. For those of you that haven’t, I highly recommend it.

Among the numerous joys in my life is being able to create. I think most of us do enjoy when we are able to use that God given gift of being able to play some small part in conjuring something new and unique in all of the world. I do that in a number of ways not least of which is photography, so presumably one of the most interesting things I hope to add to this site down the road will be some original photography and a few words about each image.

As I’m sure few are interested in reading a full autobiography by yours truly, I’ll keep it simple. Here’re the highlights. If / when I find the time, I’ll produce some posts with with topical content (and presumably some photos) that will hopefully be more interesting than dull tidbits about me. Until then…

Name John Picklesimer, Jr.
Family Married to my very lovely wife Ashley
Residence Virginia Beach, VA
Age 42
Eyes Brown
Height 6’1″
Waist Bigger than I’d like
Profession CFO for Carolina Auto Body Shop, Inc.
Interests Cycling, surfing, photography, woodworking, coffee, reading, travel